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Individual Sessions

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During each growth season trees create a new ring that reflects the conditions it experienced. A tree ring may share a story of a season of drought, adversity, nourishment, challenges, or other environmental circumstances.


Like trees we as humans experience a multitude of seasons in our lives. These can comprise of life changes, traumatic experiences, grief & loss, relationship difficulties, mental health concerns, physical pain, accomplishments, among many others. Our team at Collective Healing Centre is here for you throughout all the seasons of your life, to support your growth journey. 


Over time, the rings of our trees can tell us fuller story about their history and the challenges and growth that were experienced. An important piece to ground in: regardless of the conditions of the season, a tree grows and creates a new ring, which overtime is integrated into the wholeness of their life story. 

Your supports

Sometimes we need dedicated one-on-one support; Collective Healing Centre has a variety of wellness professionals that are here to support you along your journey. 
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